Getting Started

We are targeting companies that care about their security and wish to prevent accidental data sharing on cloud services. Any CISO, Security Expert, IS Director and IT Manager in organizations that wish to stay safe in the cloud era are our customers.
Simply write down you Company ID code, consisting of six characters, and download the agent to each computer. Type into the URL and double click on the securigo.msi link. Then enter the Company ID code during installation.
This mean someone else in your company or your domain already registered to SecuriGo. We allow only one account per domain.Try to use your work email. If still got problem and you are the CISO or IT/IS Manager please contact us together with your LinkedIn account and phone number so we can fix it.
Please send us a link, via feedback page or email us the name of the service, and we will review this service and add it to your coverage.

Endpoint Agent

From our benchmark tests, SecuriGo’s sgo.exe never consume more than 1% of CPU and 80MB of memory.
You will need to download the PRO or Enterprise version. Please use instruction guide to complete this change.
Yes. We use .MST files. refer to PRO version instructions.
We are working on it. Please contact us to join the first testers.
Yes. PRO users can have a solution without the need to install an agent. Simply follow the agentless instruction on PRO user guide. Remember the distaste for agent-based solutions has been exaggerated and needs to be addressed. busted-3-myths-about-endpoint-visibility

Admin Dashboard

After logging in, go to settings and under the “keywords alert” section add the relevant words.


YES. All SecuriGo Endpoint files are totally safe to use including sgo.exe and wdsgo.exe. All of our files are signed by digital signature of the Valid Certificate Authority Vendor COMODO. The folder installation is usually located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Securigo. In order to validate that the file is sign correctly, you can view “name of signer = SecuriGo” under the digital signature tab.
sgo.exe SecuriGo is completely safe.
At SecuriGo, keeping our user’s data private is the most important aspect of our business. As a result, we have put an enormous amount of time and energy into robust security practices. If elite paramilitary hackers broke into our data centers and took the physical servers, ran key loggers on our machines, took snapshots of our DB, stole our laptops and iron keys … they still wouldn’t have enough to compromise our user’s sensitive data. Below are some highlights but if you would like more details. We would be happy to arrange a call with someone on your team to explain any of the following points: Always encrypted data The collected data is encrypted at every step of the way; we never receive or transmit unencrypted account information All web connections are sent via SSL Secure data centers SecuriGo’s data is stored on AWS data centers that have achieved ISO 27001 certification, PCI DSS Level 1 compliance, and SAS70 Type II. Learn more about AWS security (link
At SecuriGo we offer two additional security parameters to secure your accounts accessibility: 1. IP Restriction for login – you can define a specific IP range in “network setting”. After applying this range only IP addresses defined can login to your SecuriGo dashboard. 2. Google Authenticator – you can use the MFA of Google on any smartphone to add additional layers of security to the login process. Download the Google authentication application from here The Google token is valid for two weeks.
Please report this to us via our feedback page or via email (


You are only charged the active endpoints that were used last month. As well, we give every team their first five seats for free! (Example: If you have 100 active users you only pay for 95.)

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